David Law
Phone: 303 989 3222

Assistant Scoutmaster(s)

Matt Capraro
Phone: 303 587 0236
Kent Sondgerath
Phone: 720 922 8145
Mark Taylor
Phone: 303 948 7253

Committee Chairperson

Mallory Capraro
Phone: 303 587 0236

It is the intent of the leaders of Troop 989 to;
  • Encourage and support individual Scout advancement.
  • Provide a complete, year round outdoor program.
  • Nurture and develop boy leadership and a boy lead Troop.
  • Not deny Scouting to any qualified boy due to financial inability.
  • Ensure a non-threatening, harassment-free environment for all Scouts.
  • Encourage parent/guardian participation.

Troop Leadership. The Troop leadership is composed of three parts:
  1. The Troop adult leadership consists of the Troop policy and support organization, which is the Troop Committee, and the Troop program adult leaders, consisting of the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters.

  2. The Troop boy leader group consists of all the Troop officers.

  3. The Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC), consists of the Senior Patrol Leader, the Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders, the Leadership Team, the Scribe, and all Patrol Leaders. The PLC is the key decision-making component of the Troop boy leader group.