Question 1. If you are forced to spend the night outside, the first thing you should do is?
A. Start a fire
B. Build a shelter
C. Climb a tree

Question 2. Why is a wristwatch an important piece of cold-weather gear?
A. It can help you start a fire by focusing sunlight with the crystal
B. It can help you calculate the remaining hours of daylight
C. It can serve as a makeshift compass should your magnetic compass freeze up

Question 3. If you must spend the night in the mountains, where should you seek shelter?
A. On top of a mountain
B. In a valley
C. Somewhere in between

Question 4. If you feel cold, should you refrain from drinking cold water?
A. Yes
B. No

Question 5. In cold weather, how often should you stop to assess whether you need to put on more clothing?
A. Once a day
B. Twice a day
C. Never

Question 6. What’s the best food to eat to keep warm?
A. Red meat
B. Butter
C. Granola

Question 7. If you detect the telltale white spots of frostbite on your buddy’s cheeks, you should?
A. Rub them with snow
B. Ignore them until they become painful
C. Stop and build a fire

Question 8. The best way to prepare your clothes for winter wear is to?
A. Clean them
B. Sew in liners
C. Wear them to work to break them in

Question 9. If you break through the ice of a stream and get wet up to your hips, the first thing you should do is?
A. Suck it up and keep walking; you’ll be uncomfortable but fine
B. Dry out your socks and pants
C. Do jumping jacks

Question 10. If you’re spending the night in the winter woods and find yourself nodding off, you should?
A. Go ahead and fall asleep
B. Stay awake—if you fall asleep, you may freeze to death
C. Close your eyes for 30-second intervals

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