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Bee on a Daisy

Troop 989 Beekeeping Project

Honeybees are fascinating creatures. The colony works together as a single organism which is truly inspiring and gives us so much to learn as a troop.  In 2017, Troop 989 was lucky enough to inherit a beehive along with a beekeeping mentor, Mr. Lemoine.  Since then, the troop hive has grown into three thriving colonies and produced hundreds of jars of branded "Bee Prepared" honey!  The beehives are located in Southwest Littleton, CO and need to be checked on and cared for every few weeks.  The scouts treat them for mites, feed them sugar water in the early spring and harvest and jar the liquid gold honey in the fall.  Our bees are pretty friendly but have been known to sting in the fall when they are protecting their honey and brood. Our scouts have learned so much from the beekeeping experience.  We couldn't be successful without our bee mentor, Mr. John Limoine and Beekeeping Coordinator, Mrs. Heather Sondgerath.  


Check out our Troop 989 Beekeeping video below!

Littleton Scout Troop Jar of Honey

Troop 989 Beehive News

"Bee Prepared" Honey sales are closed for the season. Thank you for your support!

Check out our "What's the Buzz" newsletter for the latest updates on our Troop beehive in Littleton, CO. 

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